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Bye bye dry skin!

For many people, winter means months of dry skin. Chronic dry skin can lead to eczema, which is an inflammatory skin disorder. Eczema can be caused by allergies, very hot or cold weather, stress, cold/flu. Symptoms may include: itching, scaling, flaking and crusting, on the face, elbows, or behind the knees.

Loose leaf tea and herbal blends are perfect for banishing dry skin during the winter months due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

The two herbs that have proven their efficiency in dealing with eczema would be turmeric and echinacea. Both are herbs with anti-inflammatory qualities, which aid in eliminating the bacteria that aggravate eczema on the skin. 

  • Chicly Brewed Tea Co. offers two solutions for not only fighting eczema in dry seasons but overall immune protection: speedy recovery and turmeric bliss


Chicly Brewed team

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