Get the recipe! Iced Lavender Lemon Honey Tea

This iced lavender honey tea was perfect for my sunday afternoon in steamy hot south Louisiana. Here's what you'll need:

-(1T) Lavender Lemon loose leaf tea
-8oz water
-Lavender Lemon tea ice cubes 
-Simple syrup(mix equal parts warm water & honey)
-Lavender (optional garnish)


First up, you'll need CBTC's Lavender Lemon blend. I prepared it in the Tea with the Queen infuser kettle which can hold up to 19oz. I chilled the tea and also chilled some of the extra tea for the ice cubes. This helps to avoid having watery tea by ensuring consistent flavor.  Next up, in a separate container, prep your simple syrup. Add equal parts warm water with equal parts honey. Sweeten the tea to your liking, stir and add your lavender garnish. Enjoy!!


Servings: 2-3


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