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Get the recipe! Iced Lavender Lemon Honey Tea

Oh to be in love with tea! This iced lavender honey tea was perfect for my sunday afternoon in steamy hot south Louisiana. If you try it please let me know where you're from and if you enjoyed this cold drink as much as I did! Here's what you'll need:

-(1T) Lavender Lemon loose leaf tea
-16oz water
-Ice cubes (made from lavender lemon tea or lemonade)
-Simple syrup(mix equal parts warm water & honey)
-Lavender (optional garnish)


First up, you'll need CBTC's Lavender Lemon blend. I prepared it in the Tea with the Queen infuser kettle which can hold up to 19oz. I chilled the tea and also chilled some of the extra tea for the ice cubes. Another alternative for your ice cubes is to use lemonade instead of water. Along with avoiding watery tea this also sweetens it up! Next up, prep your simple syrup, equal parts warm water added to equal parts honey. Sweeten the tea to your liking, stir and add your lavender garnish. Enjoy!!


Servings: 2-3